Trifunctional Hybrid Resins for Sequential Cleavage of Peptide Amides

The resins contain 5-10% non cleavable covalently attached ligands, 40 - 45% linker for peptide amide release at low concentrated TFA (5%) and 40 - 45% linker for peptide amide release with 95% TFA.

The peptide, liberated by 5% TFA treatment must be seperated from the resin and deprotected with 95% TFA in a follow up step.

This resin type is designed for screening of peptide amide libraries by sequential release.

price: 97


TentaGel® AC RAM

TentaGel based resin
particle size: 90 µm
capacity: 0.1 - 0.2 mmol/g

price: 97



Polystyrene based resin
particle size: 75 - 150 µm
capacity: 0.15 - 0.25 mmol/g

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