Polystyrene M RAM

Product information

The microspherical shape and the narrow particle size distribution of this polystyrene resin allow applications in automated sorters, for creating huge libraries, high speed synthesis etc. The phenethyl bond is more stable than the benzyl bond towards acid treatments. The narrow particle size distribution of this polystyrene microparticles is lot-dependent. The main particle size of an individual lot will be in a size window between 5 and 8 µm. The particle size distribution for each individual lot is +/-15% from the main size of this lot or less.
This resin is functionalized with a modified Rink amide linker and is ideal for the Fmoc SPPS of peptide amides. Cleavage from this support is achieved with 95% TFA to give peptide amides.


L 35 Fmoc-2,4-dimethoxy-4'-(carboxymethoxy)-benzhydrylamine linked to Aminomethyl Polystyrene Resins (PS AM RAM Resin)

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