4-Hydroxybenzyl Alcohol ( PHB, Wang Linker) attached to TentaGel® Resins

The 4-hydroxybenzyl alcohol attached to TentaGel make this resin ideal for attaching carboxylic acids for further functionalisation and peptide synthesis. Cleavage conditions are concentrated TFA or TFA/CH₂CI₂ mixtures to provide carboxylic acids, peptides or cyclization-cleavage under acidic or basic conditions.

TentaGel® resins are grafted copolymers consisting of a low crosslinked polystyrene matrix on which polyethylene glycol (PEG or POE) is grafted. The PEG spacer is attached to the matrix via an ethyl ether group which increases stability towards acid treatment and minimizes PEG-leaching. As PEG is a "chameleon type" polymer with hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, the graft copolymer shows modified physico chemical properties which are highly dominated by the PEG moiety (and no longer by the polystyrene matrix). These graft copolymers are pressure stable and can be used in batch processes as well as under continuous flow conditions. The PEG spacer is in the range of MW 3000 Da.


L 4, L 5, L 6, L 7, L 24, L 25; see also: General Information

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