Polyethylene Glycols (PEG)

Reagents for Pegylation

PEGs possess a variety of properties pertinent to biomedical and biotechnical applications.

A summary of some properties of interest is given here:

  1. Soluble in water, toluene, methylene chloride, many organic solvents.
  2. Insoluble in ethyl ether, hexane, ethylene glycol.
  3. Insoluble in water at elevated temperature.
  4. Solubility and partitioning controlled by making derivatives.
  5. Forms complexes with metal cations.
  6. Highly mobile; large exclusion volume in water.
  7. Can be used to precipitate proteins and nucleic acids.
  8. Forms two-phase systems with aqueous solutions of other polymers.
  9. Nontoxic; FDA approved for internal consumption.
  10. Hospitable to biological materials.
  11. Causes cell fusion (in high concentration).
  12. Weakly immunogenic.

Covalently linked PEG will:

  1. Solubilize other molecules.
  2. Render proteins non immunogenic and toleragenic
  3. Reduce rate of clearance through kidney.
  4. Render surfaces protein-rejecting
  5. Alter electro osmotic flow.
  6. Move molecules across cell membranes.
  7. Alter pharmacokinetics.


L 49, L 19

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