HypoGel® TRT Resins

HypoGel® is a hydrophilic gel type resin which combines high capacities with good solvent compatibility. Glycol spacers with n = 5 or 10 EO units separate the reactive sites from the polystyrene matrix and modify the hydrophobic properties of the polystyrene backbone. The hydrophilicity is between polystyrene and TentaGel® . Due to the spacer effect the functional group shows a higher mobility which results in higher kinetic rates and high resolution NMR spectra from immobilized compounds on the bead. The resin is compatible to a wide range of solvents and in contrast to polystyrene even polar solvents like methanol or ethanol can be used.

HypoGel® is a registered Trademark of Rapp Polymere GmbH

Literature: L 17

This very acid sensitive linker is useful for the immobilization of alcohols, amines and carboxylic acids. Before use, the trityl alcohol must be converted to the trityl chloride by treatment with acetyl chloride in DCM. The sensitivity towards acids is very comparable to the 2-chlorotrityl linker. Cleavage is in generally achieved by using either 5 - 50% TFA in CH₂Cl₂ (containing 5% triisopropylsilane) or acetic acid.

This resin can also be used in Fmoc peptide synthesis. Carboxylic acids can be released under very mild acidic conditions by treatment with AcOH/TFE/DCM or HFIP in DCM. Completely protected peptides are generated under this conditions.

Residues which are sensitive to racemisation during esterification reactions like His and Cys can be attached to the resin without racemisation. Due to the bulkiness of the trityl group, diketopiperazine formation is suppressed which make this linker ideal for peptides with C-terminal Pro.

price: 140


HypoGel® 200 TRT-OH

n = 5
particle size: 110 - 150 µm
capacity: 0.6 - 0.8 mmol/g

price: 140


HypoGel® 400 TRT-OH

n = 10
particle size: 110 - 150 µm
capacity: 0.4 - 0.6 mmol/g

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