Trityl Mercapto Acetyl Leu PAM loaded to Aminomethyl Polystyrene

This resin can be used for the synthesis of peptide thioesters by Boc chemistry. After removal of the trityl protecting group by TFA/DCM treatment the first Boc amino acid is loaded to the resin by DIC/HOBt activation. Peptide synthesis follows the standard Boc synthesis protocol.

After finishing the peptide synthesis, the peptide thioester resin is treated by HF resulting in the deprotected peptide thioester derivative which can be used for native chemical ligation.


L 55

price: 79


Polystyrene AM PAM Leu Acetyl Mercapto Trt

particle size: 100 - 200 mesh
capacity: 0.6 - 0.9 mmol/g

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