TentaGel® XV HMPA Resin

A Sophisticated Resin for the Solution of Synthesis Challenges. TentaGel® XV resin (XV stands for "Extended Swelling Volume") is a new member of the TentaGel family. Modifications on the polystyrene backbone change the swelling properties of the PEG grafted resin.

Swelling properties are in the same range or even higher compared to PEGA or Chematrix resins. The polar PEG spacers allow the composite resin to swell in a wide range of solvents including water, methanol, DMF, DCM. Nevertheless, the handling is still very easy and similar to other TentaGel resins.

The high swelling creates an extended reaction space. This enlarged reaction volume meets the requirement for ideal conditions for the synthesis of difficult sequences, aggregating peptides, mini proteins and PNAs in high purities and excellent yields.

Purified yield of PNA4-peptide15-PNA11

Resinyield [%]
Wang resin0
TentaGel XV32


L 58

price: 100


TentaGel® XV HMPA

particle size: 100 - 200 µm

capacity: 0.15 - 0.35 mmol/g

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